The Nipple Erectors

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The Nips

The Nipple Erectors were a British punk rock band formed in Soho, London in 1977 and notable as former Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan's first musical group. Initially consisting of vocalist/songwriter MacGowan (known at the time as 'Shane O'Hooligan', bassist Shanne Bradley, guitarist Roger Towndrow and drummer Jerry Arcane; the band released four singles and one live album between 1978 and 1981. Although initially inspired by the Sex Pistols, the Nipple Erectors diversified from the traditional 'punk sound' by introducing elements of rockabilly, R&B and pop into their music.

The band renamed themselves The Nips following the release of their first single, King of the Bop – as many radio stations had refused to play their music and several venues had refused to book them due to the allegedly sexist nature of the band's name. It was also at this point that Towndrow and Arcane departed, replaced by an ever-changing series of musicans – most notably future Pogue James Fearnley and Skrewdriver drummer Grinny.

The Jam frontman Paul Weller was a fan of the band and produced their 1981 single Happy Song.


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